Westmont Indoor Golf SIMULATORS

Westmont Indoor Golf plays on the world's finest and most realistic golf simulators that use high speed camera technology to capture swing path, impact and ball flight, delivering an incredibly realistic indoor golf experience for both practice and play.

As well, our software boasts endorsements from many PGA tour champions, validating that we are delivering the most consistent shot data, the most realistic feel, and some of the world's best golf courses to Johnstown and the surrounding areas.

About the Simulator System:

  • Dual High Speed 3D cameras capture swing path, ball impact, and flight data.

  • GPS Simulator Software includes Virtual Range, Chipping, Puttting, Club Fitting, Ball Fitting and Short Game Practice range

  • 60 GPS Golf Courses standard on every system

  • Integrated Lighting and Overhead Camera Mounting System.

  • Short Throw, High Lumens, and HD Capable Projector.

  • Carpeted Putting Area and Hitting Area you can sink a tee into.

  • Powerful Gaming Computer System.